Instructions to authors

The manuscript should contain the following (in order of appearance):

  • name and surname of an author;
  • title of the article;
  • academic institution and e-mail of an author;
  • abstract of the article (max. 500 characters);
  • keywords (3 to 7);
  • the body text of the article (30.000 to 60.000 characters);
  • summary of the article in Lithuanian (up to 1.000 characters);
  • endnotes and references are presented at the end of the article.

Text format: 

  • Articles shall use MS Word editor and Times New Roman 12 point typeface. The text should be double-spaced
  • the authors shall use the Harvard System of Referencing ( The list of references is given in alphabetical order and the original language.

Articles shall be sent to Assoc. Prof. Rita Repsiene and and the researcher editing the journal