The Bellarosa Connection is an artful novella that can be called the anthroposophy of memory written by the American writer and intellectual, Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Saul Bellow, who has born into a Litvak’s family. The narrator of this novella is the founder of The Mnemosyne Institute in Philadelphia, whom nature has endowed with the innate gift of memory. He has become a millionaire by training politicians and executives in the art of remembering that inhibit self-consciousness thus helping to memorize a large number of facts and events. The process of aging reduces his abil- ity to remember things, but revives deep memories that makes him rethink his whole life and encourages write memoirs. Once the recollection starts, he beginns to remem- ber his father introducing him – frivolous American young man – to Harry Founstein, who got away from the Nazis and escaped from Mussolini’s Italy.